DCpearls 2017

DCpearls 2017

DCpearls 2017

What inspires you? DC Pearls 2015, Gala/Award Show

Stephanie and Johnathan

Stephanie Everon grew up in a musical family on the island of Aruba, she discovered her talent and honed it by participating in many local music festivals. Since then she has been in love with the art of entertaining through song. Today she covers songs across all genres and is also a member of Genesis, a gospel choir. Stephanie loves entertaining her audience with her voice and charisma. She is eager to do just that on the 28th of October at the DC Pearls 2017 Awards: Business Edition.

An ‘Acoustic Caribbean Soul’ singer born in Curacao; Jonathan Lindeborg, a “yu di Kòrsou” living in the Netherlands has performed in cities across the globe. After 5 years of being a backup singer he decided to pursue a solo career. Now Jonathan performs as a lead together with two well known guitarist: Lis Camilia (Curacao) and Urgell Andrea (Bonaire). The music that they perform is based on a rhythmic form of Jazz, Electric, R&B and Afro-caribbean infused sounds. Now that they are firmly based in the Netherlands, the opportunity to grow and develop their talents as international artist within reach.


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DCP 2017

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