DCpearls 2017

DCpearls 2017

DCpearls 2017

What inspires you? DC Pearls 2015, Gala/Award Show

Corinne Mackie

Corinne Mackie, a British national, moved to SXM in the mid eighties and has lived there ever since. Her professional accomplishments have run the gamut from charter boat operations to managing a successful supermarket and finally as owner and operator of St. Maarten’s first, and wildly successful, Benetton store.

In 2014 she established SXM Paws Foundations in order to have an official organization under which to carry out rescue, shelter and feeding of the large number of stray dogs and cats on the island.

Via her wide network of individuals and rescue organizations on FaceBook, some 140 dogs and puppies were adopted out to the United States and Canada alone over a 2-3 year period in addition to local and inter-island adoptions.

Her greatest achievement  however, was yet to come. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Corinne along with a network of volunteers and Stateside rescue organizations, organized the airlift and placement of close to 200 dogs and cats who were flown to the US exactly 4 weeks after Irma destroyed St. Maarten. To put this in perspective, please remember that communications on the island were wiped out and this type of rescue had never been done on SXM. Corinne’s formidable management, networking and organizational skills were put to the test and she proved to be up to the task.


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