DCpearls 2017

DCpearls 2017

DCpearls 2017

What inspires you? DC Pearls 2015, Gala/Award Show

Kenty Lichtenberg

In 1980 I was born on the beautiful island of The Dominican Republic, raised on the wonderful 37 square miles of St.Maarten. I attended the Sr. Borgia Elementary School and later moved on to The Milton Peters College where I did MAVO / HAVO. In 2001 I traveled to The Netherlands to complete my tertiary education. Initially I went with the mindset to study Government Management, however after 1 year of orientation I discovered that my passion was the tourism industry with a plug in Event planning and organizing, I changed studies to Tourism & Leisure Management. My strength in languages, communication and the capability to provide structure, confirmed that this was the right career path for me.

In 2006 I completed my studies and returned home, eager to put everything I learned into practice. As fate would have it, the tourism industry was not where I would have my first labor experience. In 2007 I worked for an NGO as a project coordinator, after a year of not feeling challenged enough I applied for a job at Manrique Capriles & Sons (wholesale agent for beauty & pharmaceuticals) as Office Manager. In 2009 I was promoted to Operational Manager and in 2012 I also got the task of managing the Sales & Marketing Division of that same organization, this made me the youngest manager to ever lead a regional branch within Manrique Capriles & Sons.

In 2010 I became the mom of a wonderful little boy, that today at the age of 5, is my greatest motivation to ensure and show him that in a challenging world where everything evolves by the seconds, education, respect, ambition and determination are the key to success and becoming an influential human being.

As I grew and continued to develop different relevant skills, the component of marketing became more important and vibrant in my life. I realized that this was soon becoming another of my qualities, as I focused and succeeded in creating and executing marketing activities that surpassed quality and innovation for this market. Always thinking outside of the box, collaborating and using our local resources and organizations to deliver a quality product to the consumer. I believe that in anything that you do, education and sharing that knowledge is

what will make you successful for this way you gain the trust and the respect of your peers.

This scenario only served to reinforce my communication skills and the ability to network both regional and international. Profoundly driven and perfectionist by nature, I am committed to my clients, supporting staff, friends and business partners.

Mid 2015 I resigned from Manrique Capriles after 8 years of commitment and dedication to venture into another industry: shipping and a closer one to me, that would be travel. I accepted the function of Office & Retail Manager at the Soualiga Service Point, where I am currently again focusing on strategies that will continue to grow the business and our clientele base.

In my free time (which is not much), I enjoy reading, traveling, networking, interacting with different cultures and planning constructive projects.

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